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October 4, 2011 / Mark Largent

Columbia U’s Master of Public Admin in Enviromental Science & Policy

Next week (Tues Oct 11 from 4-7 pm) a representative from Clubmia University’s Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science & Policy will be on campus.  This is a very good program and STEPPS students are well positioned for it.  I’d recommend that anyone intersted in graduate school in Environmental Policy meet with the representative when she’s here.  Info below:

Dear Students-


The Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy is a twelve-month program that combines Columbia University’s hands-on approach to teaching public policy and administration with the Earth Institute’s pioneering thinking about the environment, educating today’s environmental leaders for a sustainable tomorrow.


The program trains sophisticated public managers and policymakers, who apply innovative, systems-based thinking to environmental issues. The program challenges students to think systemically and act pragmatically. To meet this challenge, we offer a high-quality graduate program in management and policy analysis that emphasizes practical skills and is enriched by ecological and planetary science.


A representative from the program will be attending the graduate school fair next week on Tuesday, October 11 from 4pm-7pm. The fair will be held at the MSU Union, on the 2nd Floor.


For questions, please contact Sarah Tweedie at (212) 854-3142, or by e-mail at, or visit our website at


Deadlines to apply for the program:

Application deadline for early decision: November 1

Fellowship consideration deadline: January 15

Final application deadline: February 15



Sarah Tweedie

Assistant Director

MPA in Environmental Science and Policy

School ofInternational and Public Affairs


Ph: 212-851-0261

Fax: 212-864-4847


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