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November 3, 2011 / Mark Largent

Recommended Course for STEPPS Students

MC/FW 481: Global Issues in Fisheries and Wildlife Resources
M W, 8:30-9:50am, 335B Case Hall (Spring 2012)
Instructor: Professor William W. Taylor; Teaching Assistant: Abigail Lynch
This course investigates the influence of globalization on aquatic and terrestrial natural resources systems, focusing on how advances in communication, transportation, and technology affect, both positively and negatively, the linkages between human and natural systems.  To adequately represent the ecological, geographic, economic, societal, cultural, and political issues of this topic, the course will include a variety of case studies and guest lectures.
*This course qualifies for the STEPPS specialization 
Course Objectives:
·              Gain an appreciation for the complexity of global issues that affect fisheries and wildlife resources and the multidisciplinary approach required for future sustainability;
·              Increase knowledge of global issues affecting fisheries and wildlife populations, communities, and ecosystems;
·              Demonstrate the transboundary and multidisciplinary aspect of global issues related to fisheries and wildlife resources their productivity, stability, preservation, and governance;
·              Develop critical understanding of the literature and analytical skills to assess global issues related to animal and plant species, their habitats, and humans;
·              Apply what is learned from the lectures and readings in identifying current and future issues that may impact the value of fisheries and wildlife resources and their governance.
·         Angel Posting: 10%
·         First Paper (3-5pg): 12.5%
·         Proposal for term paper (<1pg): 10%
·         Second Paper (3-5pg): 12.5%
·         Presentation/Discussion: 15%
·         Final Term Paper (11-14pg): 30%
·         Class Attendance & Participation: 10%
·         EC 201 or EC 202 is listed as a prerequisite but some experience in economics, ecology, policy, or governance is suitable substitution.
·         Please contact Professor Taylor ( or Abby Lynch ( with your qualifications for an override.


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