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November 3, 2011 / Daniel Kramer

Spring Semester Course in Conservation & Development – MC445

Still need a course for the spring semester?

Interested in conservation and international development?

Consider MC/FW445: Biodiversity Conservation Policy and Practice, Tu & Th, 2:40-4:00 p.m.

This course examines the difficult trade-offs between human development and the conservation of biological resources. We’ll look at how people attempt to address these twin goals which often seem at odds.

Below are some of the questions we’ll consider.

  • Do Western conservation efforts help or hinder the Third World poor?
  • Can payment for ecosystem services be used to alleviate poverty and protect biodiversity?
  • How do protected areas affect wildlife and nearby human communities?
  • Who wins in eco-tourism?
  • Can market-based strategies (e.g. eco-labeling) provide meaningful connections between Western consumers and tropical ecosystems?
  • Do species need to pay to stay (e.g. tiger farms)?
  • What are the effects of conflict and war on biological resources?
  • Can hungry people be conservationists?
  • Can private land owners be encouraged to adopt publicly valued conservation?
  • What factors explain the success or failure of community-based conservation?

If you have questions about this course, contact Professor Dan Kramer,


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