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March 6, 2012 / Mark Axelrod

Last Call for Study Abroad in Costa Rica

COSTA RICA: Development, Health and Environment — STUDY ABROAD — SUMMER 2012
This is a sort of ‘last call’ concerning this coming summer’s “Costa Rica: Development, Health and Environment” Study Abroad program (May 27-July 20).

First, it is still open for applications (but you should apply or at least contact Dr. Gifford ASAP).

Second, there is a decent chance that it won’t run in 2013, so it would be best to go now if you want to go. (And this won’t be resolved until the fall.)

Third (in part because it won’t work to wait till next year), I’m going to be very lenient with respect to whether you have Spanish language background ? which is to say you are eligible whatever your Spanish language background. The class is in English, and the Spanish language class that one takes in addition can be taken at any level from beginner to advanced. Students will live with a Spanish-speaking family walking distance from our classroom, and as long as one is interested in doing that, they will be eligible as far as language ability is concerned.

Please check out (note its reference to peace) for more information.

Also, Please note: Students can earn 4 credits of an IAH B course (IAH 231b) on this program.

And contact me at

Fred Gifford
Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
Director of the Graduate Specialization in Ethics and Development
517 S. Kedzie
Michigan State University 355-4490

Study Abroad program: Costa Rica: Development, Health and Environment


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