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April 15, 2012 / Mark Axelrod

MSU Summer online course: Climate Change and Society (SOC 490)

Are you interested in the environment? Do you want to learn more about climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective? Consider the following course.

Sociology 490: Section 731

This course is open for ALL MAJORS and All LEVELS

Michigan State University Summer Online Course

May 14 – June 28, 2012

Climate change is one of the most important societal challenges of the 21st century. This course comes at a time when there is a strong scientific consensus on the issue but public opinion is divided and policy debates are sharp. The course will use text, art, photography, film and cultural representations to familiarize students with our current understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and the approaches that can be used to both adapt and limit the magnitude of the effects. In addition to increasing substantive knowledge, the course will encourage students to reflect on their own values and beliefs and to learn to engage in constructive dialogue.

To enroll contact:
Graduate Secretary Tammy Spangler
517-355-6634 or


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